Collected Donations to date


Welcome to stress-free Hachnusos Kallah, the #1 place for all wedding related charities. Here, donors and recipients alike, are bound together to create a smooth, joyful and dignified Simcha experience.



Every family that commits to staying within Simcha  Budget, is automatically eligible to receive some form of donation towards their wedding expenses. Please click 'here' to complete the 'application' minimum 3 months prior to your wedding date. Applications are reviewed by askanim once every month to ensure that funds are distributed fairly. (see application details below)

It is now easier than ever to take part in this heilige cause of Hachnasa Kallah. Any amount you give makes a difference. Every penny counts and enables another family to marry off their child with dignity. You can choose what amount you want to commit to paying on a regular basis, such as weekly, monthly or per wedding. Donate here: (the link leads to payment page). All contributions are tax deductible.